December 30, 2005

Price drop!!!!! The cost of blank discs and cases have dropped so much in the last year I can now charge $5 less across the board, so new prices look like this:

  • Canada $28.50 CAD
  • USA $26.50 USD
  • Other international $31.50 USD

July 12, 2005

Yes, I am still making these discs.
See February 6, 2005 (below) for more details.

February 6, 2005

To answer a few questions:
Yes, I am still making these discs.
If you want to know whether or not these will work on your stand alone dvd player then visit:
If you are having problems with the discs then let me know and I will send you replacements.


After about a year of collecting I have finally gathered all 3 seasons worth of Tick episodes.

All 36 Episodes are now available on DVD-R. These are not MPEG2 DVD quality episodes, they are MPEG1 VCD quality episodes on DVD-R. There are 3 discs, 1 for each season and they come in a case with colour label. The discs themselves have a simple black and white label.

I have to warn anyone who is interested in these discs that the episodes are captured from video tapes, so the picture isn't as sharp as when captured straight from TV.

I would prefer to trade for the episodes of Men Behaving Badly that I am missing. Or you can just go ahead an order if you don't have anything to trade.

I can be reached at: cwhite at theatomicmoose dot ca

Click here for more information on what a VCD is.

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