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101 Pilot i
102 Pilot ii
103 The Farthest Man From Home
104 The Dark Side Of The Sun
105 Mutiny
106 Ray Butts
107 The Enemy
108 Eyes
109 Hostile Visit
110 Choice or Chance
111 Stay With The Dead
112 River Of Stars
113 Who Monitors The Birds
114 Level Of Necessity
115 Never No More
116 The Angriest Angel
117 Toy Soldiers
118 Dear Earth
119 Pearly
120 R & R
121 Stardust
122 Sugar Dirt
123 And If They Lay Us Down To Rest...
124 ...Tell Our Moms We Did Our Best
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105 Mutiny, 10/15/95
After an Alien attack, the 58th is forced to hitch a ride on a civilian cargo freighter transporting 2,000 cryogenically suspended people (including 200 Tanks) from deep space to new posts. Cooper discovers that his "sister" is among the 200 Tanks in section 46. When an Alien attack disables the cargo ship, the Captain orders section 46 shut down to preserve the power necessary to escape the enemy onslaught, provoking a mutiny among Tank crew members and forcing Cooper to decide where his allegiance lies.
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