001 Misfit Love
002 Disfigured Debbie
003 Narcoleptic Scottie
004 Pickles' Little Amazons
005 Flush, Flush, Sweet Helga
006 Get Off My Back
007 Please Be Genital
008 The Golden Child
009 Milo Interrupted
010 My Name is Robbie
011 Bucketheads
012 Father of the Bribe
013 Heroine Addict

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002 Disfigured Debbie, 20-May-2001
Milo runs for school president against Debbie Klimer, leader of the snobby Debbies, and he loses -- but then his opponent suffers a freak accident. The Klimer family fakes young Debbie's death while she goes under the plastic surgeon's knife, but the operartion is less than successful and Debbie returns looking like The Phantom of the Opera. Shunned by her upscale family and friends, The Oblong clan and the valley kids take in the reject Debbie as one of their own. But when Debbie's cheerfulness starts getting on everyone's nerves, the valley kids turn to the freakish school nurse to get Debbie back with the in-crowd.
VCD #: 1
notes: The show's opening segment and theme song first surface in this episode. The track is performed by "They Might Be Giants." Originally, the opening looked the same, but featured slightly different music with no lyrics. The musical composition that was going to be used appears over the end credits sequence of non-WB prints of the program, beginning with this episode. The lyrics are:

"Oblongs! Oblongs! Down in the valley where a chemical spill came from the people living up on the hill, there's a family by the landfill with hazardous foam, in their happy glowing home. Oblongs!"

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