001 Misfit Love
002 Disfigured Debbie
003 Narcoleptic Scottie
004 Pickles' Little Amazons
005 Flush, Flush, Sweet Helga
006 Get Off My Back
007 Please Be Genital
008 The Golden Child
009 Milo Interrupted
010 My Name is Robbie
011 Bucketheads
012 Father of the Bribe
013 Heroine Addict

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001 Misfit Love, 01-Apr-2001
Bob learns that the family may lose their medical coverage, so he urges the family to be extra careful. Milo brainstorms and realizes that if he gets hurt, he'll get to transfer out of the school for freaks, and go to "normal school" with his friends. So Helga sets out to injure him -- but there's really no need once Pickles inadvertantly sends Biff and Chip to the emergency room. As a result, Milo gets to transfer to regular school, where he falls in love with Yvette, a girl who's literally out of this world.
VCD #: 1
  • To promote the show (and April Fool's Day), WB premiered this episode three times during the course of the evening.
  • The number of Debbies per episode often changes from episode to episode and scene to scene. There are 5 Debbies in this episode. For more on this, see the goofs guide, available on the "Show Home" page. If anyone notices more Debbie-inconsitancies than those listed, or any other goofs in general, please feel free to add them.
  • The music that plays over the ending credits (in non-WB prints) of this episode is different than the ending music on the rest of the episodes. For this episode, it's a variation of the music that plays in the scene where Helga is trying to injure Milo.
  • The original cut of this episode was 4 1/2 minutes too long, so to allow extra time, the opening segment was left out. Just to clarify, there isn't a longer version available. The makers realized that the pilot was running long, so un-needed scenes were trimmed and the longer version was never completed.
  • This episode was first broadcast on Cartoon Network on August 4th, 2002.
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