001 Misfit Love
002 Disfigured Debbie
003 Narcoleptic Scottie
004 Pickles' Little Amazons
005 Flush, Flush, Sweet Helga
006 Get Off My Back
007 Please Be Genital
008 The Golden Child
009 Milo Interrupted
010 My Name is Robbie
011 Bucketheads
012 Father of the Bribe
013 Heroine Addict

Here is my Oblongs VCD volume listing.
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since Feb. 6th, 2004

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November 19, 2006
Looks like they finally got around to producing a DVD for this series, I for one will be buying it, even though I have them recorded already. Just to show my support for the genius that was the Oblong program. As a result I will no longer be trading this series.

December 30th, 2005
Price drop!!!!! The cost of blank discs and cases have dropped so much in the last year I can now charge $5 less across the board, so new prices look like this:

  • Canada $22.50 CAD
  • USA $20.50 USD
  • Other international $22.50 USD

July 12, 2005
Yup, I am still making this VCD on DVD-R!!!
Read below for more details.

Feb. 6, 2005
To answer a few questions:
Yes, I am still making these discs.
If you want to know whether or not these will work on your stand alone dvd player then visit:
If you are having problems with the discs then let me know and I will send you replacements.

Dec. 14, 2004
The Oblongs are now available on DVD-R!

All 13 episodes on 1 DVD-R. Keep in mind that these aren't MPEG2 DVD quality, (you couldn't fit all 13 on one disc if that wre the case), they are MPEG1 VCD quality, so I refer to them as VCDs on DVD-R. The disc comes in a case with a colour label and there is a menu to select which episode to view while playing the DVD-R.

The DVD-R is the same price as it costs roughly the same amount to make and ship. Please keep in mind that I would prefer to trade for episodes that I am seeking for my other VCD sets. I would prefer to get episodes for Men Behaving Badly.

Oct. 12, 2004
If anyone who has ordered DVD-Rs in the past is having problems with playback (skipping, freezing) then please contact me immediately. cwhite at theatomicmoose dot ca.

Aug 21, 2004
Oblongs VCDs are still available.

Mar 6, 2004
Here is a sample you can view to see the quality of the video.

Mar. 4, 2004
I have finally completed my Oblongs VCD collection, all 13 episodes are now on 5 VCDs. For those of you who would rather just pay to have the complete Oblongs series on VCD sent to you, here are some paypal links:

You will get the complete set on 5 VCDs, each disc comes in its own windowed envelope and they are protected by bubble wrap before being shipped. Please keep in mind that I would prefer to trade for episodes that I am seeking for my other VCD sets.

Feb. 4, 2004
The Oblongs was a great program, it was probably too much for the WB to handle.

I'm looking to complete the series. If you have an episode I'm looking for then please let me know, and we can arrange a trade for an Oblongs ep or one of the other series I am collecting.

I can be reached at: cwhite at theatomicmoose dot ca

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