Got, got, got...
101 Babies Having Babies
103 Temptation
104 Getting the Bugs Out
111 Wet Nurse
110 The Odds Couple
112 Jamie Needs A Kid
115 Playing Doctor
117 The Party Favor
122 After Midnight
204 No Retreat, No Surrender
202 Got Milk
205 The Sting
206 Spoils Of War
209 Special Delivery
102 The Bed
105 Hot Parkas
106 Jamie's in Love
109 Drunken Proposal
108 Sarah's Vestigial Organ
107 Road Trip
113 Christmas
116 Brenda Is Moved
119 I Am What I Am
118 Getting Rid Of Harry
120 Testing, Testing
121 It's Good To Be Dead
114 The Box
212 The Gift Of Jami
203 Jamie's Got Next
207 The Tape
208 The Truth About Cats & Ducks
209 The Fur Man Cometh
211 Welcome To JamieCo
213 Carpe Dino

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since Sept. 8th, 2003


November 19, 2006
I'm still at it... and I still need episodes to round out the series, drop me a note if you can help. I can be reached at: cwhite at theatomicmoose dot ca

June 1, 2005
I am still collecting episodes to complete the series, if you have any to trade then let me know, if you don't have anything to trade but you would like to buy a copy of what I have, then let me know. I can be reached at: cwhite at theatomicmoose dot ca

Sept. 3, 2003
The US version of Men Behaving Badly is one of my favourite shows, of all time.
What the hell were the tools at NBC thinking when they: a) let Ron Eldaard (Kevin) and Justine Bateman (Sarah) leave at the same time, b) move it to Sundays opposite the Simpsons once they replaced half the cast?
The show could have survived either if it had been left on Tuesday night with the cast changes, or moving to Sunday with Kevin and Sarah still there, but both changes were too much.

Forntunately I have a few of these episodes on VHS and I am transferring them to VCD, I doubt we'll ever see a DVD for the program.

These VCDs have three episodes per disc and they are playable on any computer and most DVD players.
If there is a particular episode you would like on VCD then let me know, perhaps we can arrange a trade if you have something I am missing.
If you don't have any episodes to trade but would still like to get your hands on one or even all of these VCDs then once again, let me know.

I can be reached at: cwhite at theatomicmoose dot ca

From the menu at the left you can see which episodes I have and which ones I still need.

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