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Moose News
March 28, 2004
I have just finished watching season 2 on DVD, nice collection, but the "Easter Eggs" are anything but, they are quite useless, as they just seem to rehash interviews from the reunion which was included on season 1.

I still don't have a replacement hard drive, so I am still not trading Bundy VCDs for now, however when I do start again season 2 won't be for trade along with season 1.

Jan. 5, 2004
Season 2 is coming to DVD this march, more news here. Hopefully they'll be at season 4 or 5 by the end of this year. It may not seem like much but its a good reason to live out the year instead of sitting in the garage while the engine puts me to sleep.

Jan. 2, 2004
The hard drive that I archived all my bundy eps on has recently died, about a week ago, keep checking back to see when the eps are available again.

Nov. 8, 2003
Season 1 is no longer available for trade, I finally finished watching the DVD set, which I highly recommend to all of you Bundy fans, sure it's light on extras but the episodes are fully digital which is more than I can say for my VHS conversions.

I have stopped trading season 1 eps to avoid any "legal entanglements" that could arise from the fact that Sony has finally made them available for purchase, not to mention the fact that my VCD copies are piss poor in comparison to the real thing on DVD.

I will continue to trade the remaining seasons, but as each of those get released on to DVD I will also cease to trade them.

Aug. 8, 2003
People have been asking me this a lot "How much for a VCD?", even though DVDs are finally slated to come out this fall. Well here's your answer... VCDs if you really need to have one are $5.00 CDN each, and that includes postage to Canada and the lower 48 states. Thats right, $5.00 CDN and no extra postage, this basically covers the costs of making and shipping these fine collectables.

As for the VCDs themselves, there are 3 episodes per disc, there is a menu screen that allows you to choose which of the three episodes to watch. They are playable on most DVD players, but be warned, the picture quality on the eariler episodes is fair to good, I was young and stupid when I first recorded these so I used cheap tape which degraded rapidly, later episodes have better quality picture.

If you want a nice VCD/DVD case with colour insert and a colour label for the VCD then that's an additional $5.00 CDN each.

If for some reason you are still interested, even though DVDs are on the way then just send me an email: cwhite at theatomicmoose dot ca. A list of available VCD volumes is in the menu on the left.

Jul. 30, 2003
They have finally announced a release date for the 1st season of MWC, October 7th, 2003. With this news I'll probably bring the Bundy VCD project to a rest. There is no longer a need to preserve the crappy tapes I have, as there will soon be pristine digital copies to be had, for a price, hopefully these sets will prove to be worth the wait, and the bonus features won't be as lame as what they included on "The Most Outrageous Episodes" DVD this past spring.

Feb. 25, 2003
Until Sony/Columbia gets their shit together and releases MWC in proper season sets on DVD, not this best of stuff, I'm transferring my vhs tapes to VCD's.

Here you'll find a complete episode guide, taken from Dean Adams program guide web site, with a note as to which vcd volume I have it on.

If there is a particular episode you would like on VCD then let me know, perhaps we can arrange a trade if you have something I am missing.
If there is a complete vcd that I have already made that you would like a copy of then once again let me know, perhaps we can arrange a trade if you have something I am missing.

I can be reached at: cwhite at theatomicmoose dot ca

From the menu at the left you can see which episodes I am missing.

VCD volume listings will follow shortly.

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