Very late mileage update

It's been a very long time, but here's a brief update...

At the end of August 2007 I was averaging 18.3l/100km, not too bad, but keep in mind there was a lot of highway driving.

During August we moved to our new home, it is closer to work, but I am no longer taking the highway, it is all street driving/stop and go and by the end of november my mileage had creeped up to 18.9.

In December I added an electric fan, which should reduce fuel consumption by removing the engine driven fan and a Superchips programmer using the regular 87 programme. With the cold weather and early morning warming of the vehicle my mileage is up to 19l/100km, so even though the end result is that my mileage is up so is my available power, it goes a lot faster on the highway now. Once the cold weather leaves (it is almost 20 egrees colder now in February than it was at Christmas) and I stop mashing on the gas I should have a better idea of how my mileage has improved.

In the meantime I have seen a few postings in various online forums that state drivers are getting better mileage by using the Superchips towing program and a 91 octane gas. I'm going to give this a try for the next while and see where it takes me, if I get as little as 2% or 3% improvement over my current numbers in the next month than it could be worth pursuing over a longer term.