Make truck go VRRRROOOOOMMMM!!!

New headers and exhaust make my lil red wagon louder and faster

It's now been two weeks since I had a set of Gibson shorty headers and a Gibson swept side exhaust installed on my truck.  The day I had them installed the trip meter was reading 19.1L per 100KM.  I have reset it and since then I am now getting 18.3: per 100KM, it was as low as 17.5 at one point but there were 3 days in a row where the drive home was just f**king terrible.  On my last fill up I actually bothered to calculate it and it worked out to 17.8L per 100KM, needless to say it has improved the mileage.

Keep in mind that the first couple of days I was having too much fun with the extra power and I was putting my foot in it a lot, but I've since gotten used to it and things are back to normal in terms of my driving.  But I do have more power on demand so I do move aroudn the slower cars on the highway more often than I used to.  My truck is also a lot louder now, but its a good rumbling growl that basically serves notice to get the hell out of the way.  Nothing like watching a rice boy with the bumble bee exhaust look at you as you go speeding by him while you know that the truck isn't even breaking a sweat. :)

Right Header

Shiny New Exhaust Tip

Big Honkin Exhaust

Another Shot Of The Right Side Header

Header On The Driver's Side