How to Extract .sys, .dll and other files from XP Cabs


How to Extract .sys, .dll and other files from XP Cabs

Extract the USBSCAN.SYS file from a Windows .CAB file as follows, to make it available to the installation utility.

(Since Toshiba has not yet been able to reproduce this problem, this solution has not been verified to be effective.)

The USBSCAN.SYS file may be extracted (or "expanded") from the SP1.CAB file. The complete path to this file is C:\WINDOWS\I386\SP1.CAB.

An older version of USBSCAN.SYS may be extracted from C:\WINDOWS\I386\DRIVER.CAB, if the newer version does not prove useful.

The Windows Explorer program ("My Computer") is useful for working with these files, though it may first be necessary to configure it to display them properly. Do do so, use it to browse to the C:\WINDOWS folder. In the menu bar near the top of the window, click Tools, then Folder Options, then the View tab. In the Advanced Settings list, check "Show hidden files and folders", and uncheck "Hide extensions for known file types".

Use the Windows System Configuration Utility to extract USBSCAN.SYS from the .CAB file. To launch it, click Start, Run, type "msconfig" into the "Open" field, and click OK. From the General tab, click Expand File. Fill in the three fields as follows:

File to restore: USBSCAN.SYS
Restore from: C:\WINDOWS\I386\SP1.CAB
Save file in: C:\WINDOWS\I386 (or C:\WINDOWS)

Then click Expand to extract USBSCAN.SYS from SP1.CAB and save it to C:\WINDOWS\I386.

Once the USBSCAN.SYS file has been saved to your hard drive, try installing the scanner or printer again. When asked for USBSCAN.SYS, direct the installation utility to the folder where you've saved it.
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