even more One Liners


even more One Liners

As sometimes happens, the couple living together were tiring of each other. After one somewhat unsatisfying coupling, the man snarled, "You've got to be the world's most incompetent lover."

"I couldn't be," she shot back. "That would be just too much of a coincidence."

"My taste in dates," the girl remarked over a lunch with several other women friends, "runs to men who are tall, dark and hung-some."

"You certainly aren't the communicative type," commented the girl as the pickup couple were undressing.

"No, I guess not." he half said, half muttered, and lapsed into total silence again, until he took off his shorts. Then he perked up and said pointing, "I do most of my talking with this."

"Oh no!" cried the girl. "Yet another chat instead of a half-way decent conversation."

"I've got this thing for lean, rangy men," said the new coder at the software company. "That Ralph in sales is certainly a long tall drink of water."

"I hate to bust your bubble honey," replied the office veteran, "but for a long tall drink of water, he's got an awful short straw."

"After talking me into bed by convincing me that his sex digit was some sort of magic wand," the girl morosely confided to a colleague, "the smooth talking bastard simply went and tore off a quickie."

"I know the type." her friend replied. "A presto digitator."

Asked how she liked his love making, the girl replied, "Oh Timmy, you have no equals." His smile disappeared however when she then added, "Only superiors."