Old Men


Old Men

Three old men were talking one day about what they would wish for if they had just one wish. So the first old man who was 70 years old says, "Boy I'd give anything to take one good pee again, just like I used too, boy that would be great!"

The second old man who was 80 years old says, "What I'd wish for is to be able to take a really good crap, Just like the old days, Boy it was almost better than sex you know."

Now the third old man who happens to be 90 years old says, "Naa, I ain't got no troubles with those things. Why Every morning precisely at 8:00 o'clock I take a healthy pee. Then, precisely at 9:00 o'clock I take a healthy crap, every morning. But if I just had one wish to make, I'd just wish I WOULD WAKE UP BEFORE 10:00 o'clock!!!!!