A cabby picks up a Nun as a fare. He decides to see if he can embarrass her. The cabby says, "Sister, what do Nuns think about oral sex."

The sister replies, "A lot has changed in the church. We tend to think of oral sex about the same way as masturbation. It's only acceptable as long as it doesn't violate the tenants of marriage."

The cabby decides to press on, "Sister, what do you personally know about oral sex?"

The sister replies, "I have read about various techniques, but I am a little shy on practice!"

The cabby senses an opportunity. "Sister, how would you like to practice on me?"

She answers, "Well, you must be Catholic and single."

The cabby replies, "Yes Sister, I am."

So they pull off the road, the driver moves to the back, and the Nun gives him the most incredible oral sex he has ever had. The exhausted cabby moves back to the front of the car and starts driving. He finally has to speak, "Sister, that was the best I've ever had, but I have to tell you something. I am actually Jewish and I'm married!"

To which the Nun replies, "That's O.K., my son. My name is Larry and I'm on my way to a costume party."