health care humour


health care humour

A young intern is being shown around the hospital where he will be doing his tour of duty. The doctor who is giving the tour decides to show the young upstart the "special" wing of the hospital where all of the bizarre and odd ailments are treated.

The two men enter the first room on the ward and witness a man standing in the corner jacking-off like a crazed fool. The intern stands there, jaw agape, and asks what ails this man. The wise, old doctor replies, "This man has a strange imbalance that causes him to produce about ten times the normal amount of sperm and if he doesn't relieve himself at least three times a day, it could result in very serious testicular trauma." The intern, still in shock, reluctantly shrugs it off and the two men move on.

Upon entering the second room, they witness a man laying on his bed, spread-eagle, getting a blowjob from a beautiful young nurse. The intern again asks what the hell is going on and the doctor replies simply, "Same ailment, better health plan.