One day at the hospital


One day at the hospital

A doctor is standing in the lobby of the hospital, looking over some charts. He looks up to see an old aquaintance from University.

As they are catching up, a very hot young nurse walks by.

"Wow, who is she?" asks the old aquaintance

"Oh, she's the new nurse" the doctor says in an angry tone.

"You don't seem very happy about her?" the aquaintance asks.

"Well,....she's very attractive and all, but she screws up everything and everything I ask her to do she does the reverse of."

Just then, there is a loud scream from one of the examining rooms and a man in a hospital gown runs down the hallway holding his groin. The young, hot nurse is running after him, carrying a bucket.

"See what I mean" the doctor says, "I told her to prick his boil."