The Habs Don't Need A Big Scoring Forward, They Need Another Team in Quebec City



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The Habs Don't Need A Big Scoring Forward, They Need Another Team in Quebec City

I like to think that what the Habs really need is another team in Quebec City again, that way all the "journalists/fans" who have popped up since the mid 90's can go back to making life difficult for another Nordiques club.

After thinking it over for the last few months, I have come to the conclusion that the second worst thing to happen to hockey in Montreal in the last 20 years was the loss of the Nordiques, the worst thing being Ronald Corey's bumbling incompetence in the way he mismanaged the club. That day Corey cleaned house and brought in Tremblay and Houle, is a day the Habs are still trying to recover from, and his inability to get a written agreement on how the new building would be taxed was another killer.

I'm sure if you go into the home of any reporter/fan who crapped all over Koivu for not being French, yet thought Kovalev was the greatest player in Montreal since the Rocket you will find either one of two things:

1. no hockey memorabilia/playing equipment or anything whatsoever to indicate that they know a thing about the game, they just think that they know the team is failing due to a lack of francophones


2. a startling amount of Nordiques memorabilia that would creep out a normal person (I'm thinking it would resemble something like a scene in one of those Hannibal Lecter movies, but instead of a below ground pit full of rotting flesh it would be piles and piles of clothing, cards and toys with that red igloo shaped N on it.)

these people are so bitter that their "Dekes" are gone and they won't be happy until they have ruined the hated "Habs" and they are doing it by presenting themselves as reporters, pundits and blog writing fans.

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