Does Balsillie really want an NHL team...



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Does Balsillie really want an NHL team...

or does he just want to embarrass buttman and expose the sham which is the NHL under the little emperor's reign of incompetence?

Think about it:

The first time old Jim tried to get an NHL team (Pittsburgh Penguins) he played by their rules, he was accepted as an owner, and publicly stated that he would only move the Pittsburgh franchise if a new arena was not built, and then at the 11th hour the little emperor stepped in with a bunch of conditions/terms and sent Balsillie packing, basically buttman changed the rules of the game while they were playing.

The second time around, when Balsillie tried to obtain a team buttman sabotaged the entire process in order to have a hand picked owner, Delbaggio, take over the team while brokering a deal for the former Nashville owner to take control of the Minnesota franchise. It seems kind of odd the the league claims that it didn't know that other owners were stepping in to help finance the Delbaggio's purchase by loaning him the money he needed. And it doesn't help that the league's due diligence in checking Delbaggio's background failed to turn up anything that reporters and law enforcement easily found but a few months after the NHL welcomed him as an owner.

After two kicks at the can I like to thing that Balsillie has no interest in owning an NHL club while buttman is in charge and his only goal with the attempt to "steal" the Phoenix franchise is to expose buttman's mismanagement and to force the owners to finally do something about their employee, buttman, who seems to think that he is in charge of the owners when it is the other way around.

There has to be a reason why the NBA let buttman go with no fight, and we are seeing it quite clearly with the whole mess that has come to the top of the pot that Balsillie is stirring right now.

Balsillie is not an idiot, he is in charge of a company that actually makes money and gives people what they want, which is more than can be said for the NHL under buttman's rule the last few years. I hope that the end result of this mess is buttman's removal from his position, lets face everything he has done has failed. Sunbelt expansion and the failure of "cost certainty" to control player salaries are but two of the ways he has succeeded in running the NHL into the ground.

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