Gee, one card for muiltiple transit systems



Gee, one card for muiltiple transit systems

what a great idea.

To bad all the bureaucracy in the GTA and Ontario can't get off their collective fat asses and implement something similar here.

Bremen Germany has succeeded where others can't even be bothered to try failing, as they have created a completely integrated transportation network that is accessible wiht a single card. A user can get on a light rail train, take a bus across town, rent a car, end even use the ATM with just one card.

Is it any wonder that public transit in North America is shameful at best. Someone in the GTA who lives in Misserysauga and takes public transit to work in downtown hogtown might need up to 3 different passes/ways to pay for their ride. Mississuga Transit pass/fair, GO pass/fair and TTC pass/fair, by the time you add them all up it could be cheaper for someone to just Take The Car, and not bother with all the hassles of three different ways to pay.

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