Tokyo opens it's 13th subway line...



Tokyo opens it's 13th subway line...

while Toronto still has 2.75 subway lines

Tokyo has opened a 13th subway line link while Toronto is stuck in a subway malaise.

Toronto really only has 2 fully functioning and usable subway lines, the Sheppard line is a pathetic joke which serves no real purpose so it counts as a quarter and the outdated Scarborough RT which can no longer be extended or even get new cars is a half subway, and that due the shear volume of passengers it carries everyday, mainly between two stops, Kennedy and Scarborough Town Centre.

Dedicated bus lanes aren't going to solve the transit problem in Toronto unless they build 3 feet curbs around the lanes to prevent other vehicles from using using them or blocking them.

I know it costs money to build a subway, but all of the ideas floating right now aren't going to cut it so they would be better off not spending the money and using it for other programs.

Even better, the province should increase it's sales tax by 2%, the amount the feds foolishly gave up in order to try and win votes/popularity, and give it to the municipality where it's generated. For every 10 cents in tax raised in Toronto 2 cents would be given to the city, same goes for Hamilton, North Bay etc... If the upper levels of government aren't going to help out with costs that they have downloaded then at least give the cities/municipalities the means to pay for them and expand the infrastructure.

The subway in Toronto should have stretched across the top of the city by now from the airport to the zoo. Instead of "studying" bus lanes they should have been negotiating to put subway stops in Mississauga, Pickering, Markham and Vaughan.

All this rapid transit using existing road lanes isn't going to solve the problem, when given the choice between 30 minutes in the bus just to get to the subway or a 45 to 60 minute drive to their work most people will stay in their cars,even though it costs 2-3 times as much as "Riding the Rocket". If you give people the option of a 5-10 minute walk to the subway or their cars, I am sure many people will take the subway, just look at how many people that live within a few blocks of Bloor/Danforth and Yonge hop on and off the train everyday.

For now all we can do is follow the link above to the Tokyo subway and look at how things could be.

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